Work Experience Letters For PERM and I-140

If work experience is required in the PERM / I-140 petition, the beneficiary will have to show that they possess the required work experience.

Please note that the letter must include the following (see sample PERM / I-140 Work Experience letter):

– Your dates of employment (from mm/dd/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy)
– Your job title
– Your job duties (including required skills from the PERM requirements)
– Printed on company letterhead
– Signed and dated by Employer
– Employer job title

Submitting secondary evidence and affidavits (8 CFR 103.2(b)(1) – USCIS)

(i) General . The non-existence or other unavailability of required evidence creates a presumption of ineligibility.

If a required document does not exist or cannot be obtained, the petitioner must demonstrate this and submit secondary evidence, pertinent to the facts at issue.

If secondary evidence also does not exist or cannot be obtained, the applicant or petitioner must demonstrate the unavailability of both the required document and relevant secondary evidence, and submit two or more affidavits, sworn to or affirmed by persons who are not parties to the petition who have direct personal knowledge of the event and circumstances.

Secondary evidence must overcome the unavailability of primary evidence, and affidavits must overcome the unavailability of both primary and secondary evidence.

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