Technical Problems with Passport/Visa System – U.S. Department of State

Update from August 4, 2014, on the U.S. Department of State website:

We have made significant progress and issued most of the worldwide backlog of nonimmigrant visa cases.

We are working to bring the Consular Consolidated Database back to full operational capacity.

We continue to prioritize immigrant visas, adoption cases, and emergency nonimmigrant visa cases.

We are printing visas for these cases with very few delays.

We are aware of a small number of visa cases still in process because of system performance issues.

We are working diligently to clear those cases.

Visa applicants are advised they might still experience delays of up to one week in addition to normal processing times.

Applicants should take this into consideration when making travel plans.

Please check with the embassy or consulate where you will apply for additional information.

Please see FAQs for more information.

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