Permanent Residence for Spouse who is outside the US (IR-1, CR-1)
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Permanent Residence for Spouse who is outside the US (IR-1, CR-1)
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Birth Certificate Issues

Each applicant will need to obtain an original birth certificate issued by the official custodian of birth records in the country of birth, showing the date and place of birth and the parentage of the alien, based upon the original registration of birth.

The certificate must contain the:

  • Person’s date of birth
  • Person’s place of birth
  • Names of both parents, and
  • Annotation by the appropriate authority indicating that it is an extract from the official records

Unobtainable birth certificates:

  • The applicant’s birth record may not be obtainable. Some reasons are listed below:
  • The applicant’s birth was never officially recorded.
  • The applicant’s birth records have been destroyed.
  • The appropriate government authority will not issue one.
  • Please obtain a certified statement from the appropriate government authority stating the reason the applicant’s birth record is not available.

With the certified statement the applicant must submit secondary evidence. Examples of secondary evidence are:

  • A baptismal certificate that contains the date and place of birth, as well as both parents names (providing the baptism took place shortly after birth)
  • An adoption decree for an adopted child
  • An affidavit from a close relative, preferably the applicant’s mother, stating the date and place of birth, both parents names, and the mother’s maiden name.
  • Hospital birth certificate
  • Census record
  • Early school record
  • Family bible record
  • Doctor’s record of post-natal care

Note: An affidavit must be executed before an official authorized to take oaths or affirmations. More specific information is available from the NVC.

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