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Sample Employment Verification Letter for L-1 Visa

One of the requirements for the L-1 Visa is to provide evidence that the beneficiary has been employed by the foreign (non US) entity for 12 of the last 36 months preceding entry into the US.

The primary form of this evidence preferred by USCIS is a signed and dated letter from the foreign (non US) entity Human Resources department detailed the start date, job title, job duties and salary.

Here is an example of such letter:


(foreign (non US) entity letterhead)

January 9th, 2013


Re:       Mr. John Doe Employment Verification

Dear Sir/ Madam:

Mr. Doe has been employed with our organization from June 15th, 2008 to present as a Vice President.

His duties are:

  • Implement the appropriate business rules governing the advertising sales, production and circulation management aspects of Media industry.
  • Manage a team of software engineers responsible for pre-sales requirements gathering, determining and expressing the implementation details to the customers and delivering the software while working on tight deadlines.
  • Direct the extended Q&A program.
  • Guide the interaction of other software applications, including production programs, accounting programs and others.

His current salary is $65,000 / year.

Please feel free to contact me if I may be of further assistance.



A. Acme, Vice President

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