Employer Sponsored Labor Certification using PERM – Complete Do it Yourself Kit




Geared toward employers and human resource professionals, the PERM kit provides step by step instructions to easily guide you through this complex, non-intuitive process.

Although most users of the PERM kit are employers or employers representatives such as HR professionals and attorneys, many foreign national employees purchase this kit to provide themselves with a detailed step by step roadmap.

The kit is divided into 3 easy to use sections: PERM Overview, Preparing the PERM petition, and Filing the PERM petition. You can use it as a step by step guide, or as a reference manual.

Publishing Date: March 12, 2020


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Table of Contents

PERM Overview 


Step by Step PERM Application Process

PERM Decisions

Prevailing Wage Determinations

Job Requirements

Pre-filing Recruitment Requirements for Professional Positions

Impact of Layoffs

Special Provisions for closely held corporations, partnerships, etc.

Special Provisions for University Teachers, Nurses and Domestic Workers

Preparing the PERM Petition          

Determining the Job Title and Job Duties

Second Preference Aliens of Extraordinary Ability – EB-2

Third Preference Skilled & Other Workers – EB-3

Foreign Language Requirements

Degree Requirements and Foreign Equivalency

Requiring Previous Work Experience

Sample Work Experience Letter

Other Requirements (Section H-14)

Preparing the PERM Advertisement

SVP and How the DOL Determines the Minimum Requirements
PERM Advertisement Template
Sample PERM Advertisement

Checking and Obtaining the PERM Prevailing Wage

How to Complete the Prevailing Wage Request Form – DOL ETA Form 9141

Determining the Offered Salary and Ability to Pay

Selecting Recruitment & Advertising Options

Paying for the Recruitment and Advertising

Placing the 30 day SWA Job Order

Placing the PERM Sunday Newspaper Advertisements

Professional Positions
Non-Professional Positions

Placing the Additional Required PERM Advertisements

Preparing and Placing the Internal Notice of Filing

Internal Notice of Filing Template

Sample Internal Notice of Filing

Preparing and Placing the In House Media

In House Media Posting Template

Sample In House Media Posting

Determining which Applicants Qualify

Interviewing Instructions for PERM Recruitment

Sample Telephone Log

Recruitment Report Template

Sample Recruitment Report

Filing the PERM Petition

Registering your online PERM Employer Account

Line by Line Instructions for Completing ETA Form 9089

Magic Language in Section H-14

Completing PERM Form ETA 9089 Electronically

Filing PERM Form ETA 9089 Electronically

Completing and Filing PERM Form ETA 9089 by Mail

Filing confirmation required within 7 days

How to Check the Status of a PERM Petition

PERM National Address, Email Addresses and Telephone Numbers

How to prepare the Audit File

How to Respond to an Audit

Supervised Recruitment

Receiving the PERM Approval

How to appeal a PERM denial

Request for Review
Request for Reconsideration

Sample Completed Forms

Sample Form ETA 9141 – Application for Prevailing Wage Determination
Sample Form ETA 9089 – Application for Permanent Employment Certification

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