PERM Sponsorship Questionnaire

(From DOL Stakeholder Meeting on 9/12/17) The Sponsorship Questionnaire states that the PERM application will be denied (without appeal rights, etc.) if the employer does not respond to the questionnaire within 30 days.

The sponsorship verification process is now entirely automated.

If the system does not receive verification from the employer within seven (7) days, the system automatically sends a follow-up e-mail to the employer contact listed on the ETA 9089.

The attorney listed on the ETA 9089 receives a separate e-mail at that time stating that a follow-up was sent to the employer.

OFLC is no longer making phone inquiries if no sponsorship verification e-mail is received unless the case was filed by mail.

If no sponsorship verification e-mail is received within the 30 day timeframe, the PERM application will still be reviewed and denied for lack of sponsorship verification.

OFLC normally will review the substance of the application and also list any other grounds for denial in the decision.

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