PERM Online Status Indicators

From FAQ’s 5:

The status indicators for an application filed on-line are as follows:


A case number preceded by a “T” indicates that the application has not been formally “filed” by the employer or its agent, i.e., electronically submitted, and is still a temporary draft.

When an application is electronically submitted to the National Processing Center, the “T” changes to an “A”.

In process:

An “in process” status indicates the application is in the process of moving through the DOL’s certification process.

If the application is in a stage of review requiring further information/documentation from the employer, the employer will be notified.


A “withdrawn” status indicates the employer has withdrawn the application.


A “denied” status indicates the application is denied.

A Final Determination form, stating the reasons for the determination and advising the employer of how to request review, should the employer choose to do so, will be sent to the employer.

The Final Determination must be included in any request for review, therefore, the employer must wait to receive the form before making such a request.

The employer is also advised to wait for the Final Determination before filing a new application for the same alien to avoid repeating errors made in the original application.


An “appeal” status indicates the application is under reconsideration and/or review and is considered “in process.”

No new application for the same alien can be filed while an application is in a reconsideration and/or review queue.


A “certified” status indicates the labor certification is granted.

The certified application and a complete Final Determination form will be sent to the employer, or, if appropriate, to the employer’s agent or attorney, indicating the employer may file all the documents with the appropriate office in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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