PERM filing confirmation required within 7 days

The employer contact in Section D, #1 and #4 will receive an email or telephone call from the DOL regarding the PERM filing submitted.

The email will direct the employer contact to a link to answer 4 questions:

1. Are you, or do you work for, the employer referenced above?

2. Are you aware that an Application for Permanent Employment Certification was filed on your behalf?

3. Do you have an opening for a JOB TITLE in CITY, STATE?

4. Are you sponsoring FOREIGN WORKER for this position?

In order for the PERM petition to be accepted, the answers to each of the above four (4) questions must be YES.

If the questionnaire is not completed by the employer contact within 7 calendar days of the date the e-mail was generated, the questionnaire can no longer be completed online and the PERM petition may be denied

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