Determining experience, education, or training requirements

From FAQ’s 6:

I need to enter the years of experience, education, or training on my ETA Form 9089. How do I do this? What if it’s a range?

When entering the years of experience, education, or training on ETA Form 9089, the questions asking for this type of information specify the answer be provided in the number of months necessary.

Therefore, if the employer requires 1 year experience in the job offered in ETA Form 9089, the number 12 (for 12 months) would be entered for the answer to Question H-6A.

However, if the employer would accept a range of experience in the job offered (such as 1 to 3 years), the employer must identify the actual minimum years/months of experience required to perform the job (please see 656.17(i) for additional information on Actual Minimum Requirements).

The number that represents the Actual Minimum Requirement for the number of years/months experience would be the number entered in Question H-6A.

If a range is indeed the Actual Minimum Requirement, the employer should use the low end of the range as the answer, since that represents the minimum level of requirement.

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