Creating an Employer PERM account

To create a PERM account, the employer undertakes the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Register,”
  3. Click on “Set up Employer Profile.”
  4. Accept the registration terms and conditions.
  5. Complete the next screen, which requests the name and title of the employer’s contact person, along with the employer’s name, address and Federal ID Number.
  6. This screen will ask for the company’s North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code, a six-digit classification number assigned based on the industry sector in which the employing entity is engaged. To determine the proper NAICS code, see

  1. Submit all requested information and select a User Name (any random username is fine).

Assuming the above information is accepted, the employer will soon receive two confirmation e-mails from the DOL. The first confirms the employer’s username and temporary password, while the second provides a PIN Number.

If the employer does not receive these emails within 5 days of submitting their corporate information, they will likely be required to provide additional documentation to verify bona-fide business operations (this may include copies of corporate tax documents, articles of incorporation, etc.). The DOL requires this documentation be mailed to the DOL local office with jurisdiction over the case Attn: Employer Existence.

The Department of Labor had offered guidance on how to avoid this:

  1. Always use the address where the employer’s headquarters is located, as the DOL will look for this address to verify the company’s bona-fide operations.
  2. Avoid “doing business as” (dba) names. Use the legal name of the company.
  3. If a company has several Employer Identification Numbers, use the EIN number that the company used at the time of filing its articles of incorporation. Register a subsidiary only if it is a separately incorporated entity.

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