Electronic In-House Media Notice of Filing

Electronic In-House Media Notice of Filing – From FAQs Round 10:

Does the language on the electronic in-house media Notice of Filing need to be exactly the same as the language on the physical in-house Notice of Filing?

The regulations require that the employer publish the notice internally using in-house media–whether electronic or print–in accordance with the normal internal procedures used by the employer to notify its employees of employment opportunities in the occupation in question.

The language should give sufficient notice to interested persons of the employer’s having filed an application for permanent alien labor certification for the relevant job opportunity.

It is not required to mirror, word for word, the physical posting.

In most cases, the physical posting language will be the most efficient way to electronically post the Notice of Filing; in others, the software program used to create the electronic in-house posting may be unable to accept all of the language used in the physical Notice of Filing.

In every case, the Notice of Filing that is posted to the employer’s in-house media must state the rate of pay and apprise the reader that any person may provide documentary evidence bearing on the application to the Certifying Officer.

If there is insufficient space to include the Certifying Officer’s address, then information as to where the address can be found must be provided.

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