PERM prevailing wage determinations taking 5 months

The Department of Labor – NPWC– updated their website on January 12, 2017 and stated that they are currently processing PERM prevailing wage determinations received in August 2016.

This reflects a 5 month processing time for PERM prevailing wage determinations.

Employers should plan ahead for PERM and I-140 processing for their employees.

Instead of the usual three months of pre-PERM preparation this now means that it will take approximately nine months of pre-PERM preparation.

Since the PERM ads expire after six months it does not make sense to advertise the position prior to receiving the prevailing wage determination.

We recommend employers begin the PERM process one year earlier than they would normally start if for no other reason than to benefit from the AC 21 provision that allows an employer to extend an H-1B beyond the normal 6 year period.

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