NIW Success Story – Postdoctoral Research Associate

Our immigration law firm received an approval of an I-140 National Interest Waiver Petition filed with the USCIS Texas Service Center in 4 months.

The Petition was filed on behalf of a Postdoctoral Research Associate whose research findings have had a degree of influence of the field of alternative renewable sources of energy (in particular photo-biological production of hydrogen gas) as a whole and whose work was above and beyond the substantial majority of others in the field.

We carefully reviewed her background information and designed a petition package most suitable to her. We convincingly stated that she had dedicated her extraordinary research efforts to the field of alternative sources of energy, which had resulted in phenomenal accomplishment that have propelled the United States to the forefront of this field.

Her research field was very important for its role in generating crucial scientific advances in the design and development of renewable alternative sources of energy. It was obvious that her research would benefit the whole nation.

She performed pioneering research in developing new bio-based systems for the production of hydrogen. However, she was relatively young without a long track record. We skillfully emphasized the scientist’s extraordinary skill, novel research, international recognition and substantial contributions to her field.

As the evidence of the recognition of her work had received from the research community, leading scientists in his field had submitted letters of support testifying that she was among the elite researchers in her specialized field. In addition, she had been recognized in both journal publications and awards, invited to conferences, and been asked to review other peer’s work.

We submitted her I-140 petition in July 2011 and it was approved in November 2011.

Our client is a citizen of Nigeria. In that the EB-2 priority date is current we are preparing to file an adjustment of status application on behalf of our client.

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