National Interest Waiver (NIW, EB-2) Approval for Immunologist

We recently received a National Interest Waiver (NIW) I-140 EB-2 approval for our client who is an Immunologist in the field of medical pathology.

His research is focused on how human immune system combats against the infectious diseases, and how we can boost our immune system to antagonize infectious diseases and cancer.

Specifically his research has uncovered the fundamental role of cGAS, an immunological sensor in human immune cells targeting the DNA of invading pathogens, in the immune response controlling tuberculosis, which is one of world’s deadliest diseases.

His research also invented a nano-scale small molecule that boosts the immune function that drastically reduced the mortality of deadly cancer.

Infectious diseases (such as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, malaria) are caused by bacteria, virus, and parasites.

Tuberculosis is caused by the bacteria, Hiscobacterium tuberculosis (“Mtb” for short).

Our client, as the leading author of his team, has uncovered that cGAS (an immune sensor) can directly capture the DNA from Mtb in the cells of mice and humans with tuberculosis.

More importantly, cGAS is essential for the survival of mice in the Mtb infection.

This work, which is published in the journal with the highest impact in the field of infectious diseases (Cell Host & Microbes), has greatly extended his understanding of how human immune system responds to and controls tuberculosis.

Our client is not only interested in exploring the mechanism of immune system, but also extremely motivated to developing therapeutic agents to enhance human immune functions, in order to eliminate infectious diseases and cancer.

Our client has also been the major contributor for the screening and evaluation of a Nano-scale chemical, PC7A, as a small molecule that enhanced the activity of immune system (including STING, the partner molecule of cGAS).

PC7A has strikingly activated the immune responses and halted the progression of a malignant tumor, melanoma, in mice.

The top 3 causes are heart disease, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory disease (quoted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

All these diseases are closely related to the immune system in human body.

Just name a few examples: Atherosclerosis, which is the biggest issue for hypertension and other heart problems, is caused by the immunological response to fat in blood vessels.

All types of cancers are basically due to the lack of immune responses to the dysregulated proliferating cancer cells.

Some cancers related to virus (such as human cervical cancer) is also caused by the failure to establish immune responses to control the virus.

Lower respiratory diseases, such as asthma and pneumonia, are closely related with the immune responses to self or pathogens (bacteria and virus).

His research has uncovered the novel and significant player in the immune system that antagonizes complicated bacteria and cancer, which has profound application in the development of therapies against infectious disease and cancer.

Altogether, his research has the prospect to greatly advance the R&D of therapies treating rampant major diseases and bring significant benefit for the health-care and economy of the United States.

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