National Interest Waiver Approval – Postdoctoral Fellow, Plant Development and Plant Genetics

We filed a National Interest Waiver on behalf of our client, a Postdoctoral Fellow, Plant Development and Plant Genetics, on June 30, 2016.

We received the approval notice from USCIS on December 19th 2016. There was no RFE issued.

Total USCIS processing time was 4 months, 19 days. SRC-16-903-19949

Our client holds a holds a Ph.D. degree in Biological Science and has 10 citations

Our client’s research has the potential to improve the sustainability of U.S. agriculture and food systems. His research will benefit hay producers whose production is limited by saline conditions on marginal lands as well as drought and cold prone region such as California, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota and South Dakota.

There is also potential benefit to livestock producers, particularly dairy farmers, by increasing the availability of a consistent supply of high quality alfalfa forage. Salt, drought and cold tolerant alfalfa would benefit producers by increasing the profitability and sustainability of rural agricultural communities.

Furthermore, soil quality of marginal land can be improved through increased nitrogen fixation and carbon capture and deposition. Also, this improvement will ensure continued productivity of the traditional alfalfa producing regions where salinity is increasing. Thus, our client’s research will directly play a significant role to improve the U.S. economy through sustainable agriculture development.

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  • After searching for an attorney/firm to prepare my NIW case I came across Marc’s website ( I was immediately struck by how responsive they were, often answering my detailed questions within an hour. It took about 4 weeks from start the process to filing with USCIS – mostly because of the time it took me to obtain the reference / recommendation letters…
  • The Green Card process, or any immigration petition for that matter, can be a very daunting, stressful and confusing process for applicants. Thanks to Marc and his team, my experience (for both my Green Card application from start to finish, and H1B transfer from my former to my current employer) was none of those things.
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  • Have been using Marc Taylor’s services, for a few years. Mr. Taylor provided assistance and guided us through many steps: from the initial H1B visa application all the way to the employment based Green Card. Very professional and quick to respond to our inquiries. The website is easy to use. Very convenient to send documents and track the progress of your application. Office employees are also very helpful and responsive.
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