Green Card Interview – Preparation and Sample Questions

Marriage Green Card Interview

Regardless of the reason you’re applying for a U.S. green card (the form that establishes your permanent residency in the United States), you’ll most likely have to attend a green card interview.

If you applied for a family based green card, both you and your sponsor may have to attend an interview; if you’re married, your spouse will almost certainly have to attend so that the official interviewing you can determine whether your marriage is genuine.

And some people don’t have to attend green card interviews at all (such as children and the very elderly, as well as asylees). Rest assured that the U.S. government will let you know whether you need to attend an interview.

Most green card interviews only take about 20 minutes. However, you may have to wait a while before your interview begins.

Your interviewer will be a USCIS immigration official if you’re in the U.S. or a consular officer if you’re applying from abroad. The interviewer’s main objective is to ask you questions about your application and make sure that all the information you provided is true and consistent with your answers during your interview.

The big point of the interview is so that the interviewer can determine whether you’re eligible for a green card based on a familial relationship.

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