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L-1A Approval – Creative Director

Our office filed an L-1A visa petition on 10/10/12. The petition was approved on 12/21/12 for a total processing time of 72 days (2 months, 11 days).

Case Summary:

The US branch, XYZ, Inc., was established in August 2012 with the primary mission to produce online videos and commercials.

The British company XYZ Ltd. is the parent company of XYZ, Inc., and owns 100 % of the U.S. company.

XYZ Ltd. was founded in 2005 in United Kingdom.  Its main activity is to provide video production and post production services.

Job Duties:

Recruiting and managing staff within the Creative team.  This includes art directors, copywriters, and associate creative directors.  He assigns work to this team and manages their career progression, setting their objectives and conducting performance/salary reviews.  Estimated at 50% of time towards this responsibility;

Leading the creative development process.  This involves engaging our clients directly to understand their business requirements and translate those requirements into a project brief and proposed solution.   This involves leading his team to create pitches (solution proposals), which he then presents formally on behalf of the foreign company. Estimated at 20% of time spent towards this responsibility;

Recruiting and managing post production staff.  XYZ Ltd has an in-house a team of 3D artists and video compositors, who are responsible for the post production of videos.  The beneficiary is responsible for guiding employee in managing the performance of their teams, setting their goals, and conducting performance/salary reviews.  He has final say on all salary decisions within the compositing and 3D teams.  He is also responsible for regularly reviewing the work produced by employees.  Estimated 15% time towards this responsibility;

Strategy development.  The beneficiary plays an integral role in the overall business strategy development and personnel management of the company.  Reporting to the CEO, the beneficiary participates in all significant decisions related to business growth and management, which includes, but is not limited to:  account strategy, organizational structuring, and hire/fire decisions. Estimated 10% towards this responsibility;

Commercials Director.  The beneficiary also serves as an in-house director for the production of videos.  In this role he directs talent and a film crew to achieve the technical and creative performances that will reflect the creative vision of a given XYZ Ltd project.  Estimated 5% towards this responsibility.

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