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How to prove Specialized Knowledge

L-1 Visa – Required Documents – Proof of Specialized Knowledge Abroad

Specialized Knowledge is defined as:

“Special Knowledge” possessed by an individual of the petitioning organization’s product, service, techniques, management, or other interests and its application in international markets.


An “Advanced Level” of knowledge in the organizations processes and procedures.


Documentation Required for Proof of Specialized Knowledge Abroad

The beneficiary must have at least 1 continuous year of full time employment abroad with a qualifying organization within the 3 years preceding the filing of the petition. The position must have involved specialized knowledge.

Training History:

Documentation of the beneficiary’s training history (to show that the beneficiary was employed in a specialized knowledge position abroad.):

The training history letter and supporting documentation should:

Explain the training program.

Indicate the duration of the training.

Indicate how this training is different than your other training programs for your other employees.

Indicate how many other workers possess this specialized knowledge.

Indicate the pertinent training courses that the beneficiary has taken while working for the foreign employer, as well as:

The number and percentage of employees that have completed the course.

The number of hours spent taking the courses each day.

The completion dates.

The certificates of completion for these courses.

Include mention of patents held by you as a result of the beneficiary’s knowledge (if applicable).

Include mention of any published material in professional or major trade media about the beneficiary relating to beneficiary’s work that distinguishes him or her from others in the industry (if applicable).

 Letter from Foreign Entity:

A letter from an authorized representative of the foreign entity describing the beneficiary’s specialized knowledge employment abroad. The letter must:

Contain the beneficiary’s specialized knowledge job duties.

Describe the percentage of time spent on each duty.

Explain how the knowledge for the position is different than that for similar positions in the industry.

Explain how the knowledge can only be taught with prior experience with your organization.

State the product, service, tool, research, equipment, process or procedure the beneficiary uses that involves specialized knowledge.

Explain how your equipment, system, product, technique, or service is “special” and how it is applied to the international marketplace.

Explain why someone else in this field cannot perform these job duties.

State the minimum time required to obtain this knowledge, including training and actual experience accrued after the completion of training.

Explain how the beneficiary’s role in significant assignments has enhanced the employer’s productivity, competitiveness, image, or financial position.

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