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Organizational Charts

How to create an Organizational Chart using MS Word


  1. In your document, presentation, spreadsheet, or e-mail message, on the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click SmartArt.
  1. In the Choose a SmartArt Graphic gallery, click Hierarchy, and then double-click Picture Organization Chart.
  1. To add a picture, in the box where you want to add the picture, click the picture icon, locate the folder that contains the picture that you want to use, click the picture file, and then click Insert.
  1. To enter your text, click in a box in the SmartArt graphic, and then type your text.

 Note   For best results, use this option after you add all of the boxes that you want.

  • Click [Text] in the Text pane, and then type your text.
  • Copy text from another location or program, click [Text] in the Text pane, and then paste your text.


What should the proposed L-1 Visa Organizational Chart for the new US Company Contain?

  • All hierarchy and staffing levels.
  • Clearly identify the beneficiary’s proposed position on the chart.
  • All proposed employees that will be under the beneficiary’s immediate division, department or team by Name, Job Title, Summary of Job Duties, Educational Level, and Salary.


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