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L-1 – FAQ

What are the options for qualifying companies?

Parent or subsidiary.


50-50 joint venture.


What is the L-1A Visa?

The L-1A Visa is for Executives and Managers.

How can L-1A Visa holders apply for a green card (permanent residence)?

A benefit of being on an L-1A visa is the ability to apply for a Green Card (Permanent Residence), without going through the process of Labor Certification, after only one year in L-1A status.

What is the L-1B Visa?

The L-1B Visa is for specialized knowledge employees. L-1B visa applicants must have specialized knowledge of the company’s products or procedures.

I am the President of a foreign (non U.S.) company. Can I open a U.S. subsidiary of my foreign based company and apply for an L-1A visa for myself?

Yes you can.

What documentation must I show to obtain the L-1A Visa for 1 year to open my branch office in the US?

Sufficient physical premises to house the new office.

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