Green Card for L-1A Visa Holders (Multinational Executives and Managers)

EB-1C I-140 Approval

We received an EB-1C I-140 approval petition this week, here are the details:

Case #: SRC-18-906-08441

Filed with USCIS on 8/16/2018

Approved by USCIS on 11/8/2018

Position: Digital Hardware Manager

  • Supervising the design and implementation of the hardware strategy for existing portable and integrated equipment;
  • Overseeing the coordination of people, resources, and processes for the delivery of digital hardware components for portable and integrated equipment;
  • Reviewing and benchmarking hardware platforms and directing the testing of the suitability for existing instruments;
  • Setting tasks and priorities to teams abroad and in the US to design and implement new hardware features;
  • Determining the suitability of the existing instrument and planning for future developments with the research, development and sales teams;
  • Overseeing product upgrades, testing and verifying that the upgrades meet quality requirements.
  • Authorizing the release of upgrades.

Approval for an EB-1C I-140 petition in the Multinational Executive / Manager category

Earlier this week we received an approval for an EB-1 I-140 petition in the Multinational Executive / Manager category for an IT Support Manager.

This gentleman manages four IT-Teams supporting the North American and Corporate sites of his firm.  He is responsible for increasing the overall team performance by training and coaching team leads and team members to improve responsiveness, minimize outages, proactively managing and supporting the supported environment increase overall team performance.

By virtue of his employment at the foreign company for 1 of the past 3 years, he qualified for this coveted visa category.

The EB-1 category is current, therefore he is able to apply for adjustment of status without delay. From filing the I-140 to receiving permanent residence in the US will take less than 12 months.

To find out more, please visit our EB-1 I-140 Multinational Executive / Manager information page.

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