Immigration USCIS Forms

Below are the free immigration forms for Green Cards, U.S. visas (nonimmigrant visas), and more.

They include USCIS forms / INS forms and visa and immigration forms from other government departments and agencies.

While we have attempted to provide a brief answer as to required application / petition fees and locations to file the visa and immigration forms shown below, this information is subject to change, and you should read the specific visa or immigration form’s instructions carefully.

These visa and immigration forms are free and can be downloaded and saved to your computer.

Also included are free USCIS Form instructions.

Failure to file immigration forms and petitions with the correct documents, fees and with the correct office may result in your application or petition being returned and / or additional delays in processing.

AR-11 Immigration USCIS Forms: Change of Address | Filing Fee: $0

G-325 Immigration USCIS Forms: Biographic Information | Filing Fee: $0

G-325A Immigration USCIS Forms: Biographic Information | Filing Fee: $0

G-325C Immigration USCIS Forms: Biographic Information | Filing Fee: $0


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