H1B1 Visa for Citizens of Chile and Singapore

Who Qualifies:

Only citizens of Singapore or Chile are eligible as principal applicants.

Singapore/Chile Permanent Residents who are citizens of other nations are not eligible for the H1B1, but non-Singapore/Chile spouses and children of qualified Singapore/Chile H1B1 applicants are eligible for H-4 visas as dependent family members.

The H1B1 visa allows you to live and work in the United States accompanied by your spouse and dependent children.

Employer sponsorship is required. The H1B1 visa does not allow the foreign national to be self-employed or an independent contractor.


H-1B1 Visa is 18 months. I-94 at entry is 12 months. Can be renewed.

Annual Quota:

5,400 H1B1 Visas are set aside for Singapore/Chile nationals.


Bachelor Degree Requirement:

The position must be a specialty occupation that requires theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge.

The position must require at least a US Bachelor Degree or foreign equivalent in a field of specialization related to the position.

The foreign national must have a US Bachelor Degree or foreign equivalent involving at least four years of study in his or her field of specialization.

Temporary Intent Requirement:

The  Singapore/Chile citizen will be asked to prove “residence” in their home country at any time.

Provided the Singapore citizen is able to demonstrate that they do not intend to remain or work permanently in the United States, the H1B1 Visa can be renewed either through filing with USCIS or at a U.S. Consulate abroad.

Consular Processing vs I-129 Petition

Consular Processing

File and receive Certified LCA.

Location: Applicant must apply at US Embassy in Singapore/Chile.

Processes: Submit DS-160 Non-Immigrant Visa Electronic Application online, pay application fee online, schedule interview appointment online go for onsite interview in Singapore/Chile

Duration: 2 calendar days appointment wait time, 2 workdays processing time, and 1 day to deliver passport to your local Singapore/Chile address.

Although the consular processing looks short, the Consulate interview is heavily focused on whether H-1B1 visa applicants are able to demonstrate strong ties to the foreign residence (Singapore) and intent to return to the home country (Singapore) at the conclusion of the U.S. assignment because the H-1B1 visa classification is a single intent visa classification.

The intent to return to Singapore/Chile is usually demonstrated by ownership of local properties and family members living in Singapore/Chile.

I-129 USCIS Petition

File and receive Certified LCA.

Location: applicant must stay in US during the application period

File H-1B1 petition with USCIS

Duration: Approx. 2 months

No premium processing for H-1B1 visas


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