VIBE RFE for H-1B Visa

USCIS has been issuing “VIBE” RFE’s (Request for Evidence). A VIBE RFE is issued when the USCIS officer cannot verify the company information provided on the I-129 H1B Visa petition.

If the information provided on the I-129 petition does not match the information provided in the VIBE system, the USCIS officer will issue an RFE asking the employer to submit documents as evidence.

Here is the USCIS page on Vibe. And here.

What is Vibe:

“VIBE” stands for the Validation Instrument for Business Enterprise. This is a resource provided by Dun & Bradstreet, a private company.

Employer’s can update their information with D&B here.

Employers will want to make sure that the following information is current and accurate:

  • Business activities, such as type of business (North American Industry Classification System code), trade payment information, and status (active or inactive).

  • Financial standing, including sales volume and credit standing.

  • Number of employees, both on-site and globally.

  • Relationships with other entities, including foreign affiliates.

  • Type of office. (Examples include single entities, branches, subsidiaries and headquarters.)

  • Type of legal entity. For example, LLC,partnership or corporation.

  • Company executives.

  • Date of establishment as a business entity.

  • Current physical address.

How to Avoid the Vibe RFE:

  • Log in to your D & B Account.

  • Update your company information. The most important information is your company name and address.

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