Sample H-1B Visa Cover Letter

(Company Letterhead Here)


Acme, Inc.

123 Main Street

Any Town, NY USA 12345


USCIS Vermont Service Center
Attn: I-129 H-1B Regular Cap
4 Lemnah Drive
St. Albans, VT 05479-0001



Case Type:       H-1B Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker (H-1B Visa)

Petitioner:         Acme, Inc.

Beneficiary:       John SMITH

Position:           Software Developer


Dear Sir,


We wish to submit an H1-B petition on behalf of Mr. John Smith, so that he can be employed temporarily by our firm as a Software Developer. Mr. Smith will be paid an annual salary of $65,000.


Information about Acme, Inc.


Acme, Inc. was incorporated in the State of New York in March 1992 and has been conducting business continually since that date. Our Federal Tax ID is 11-1234567. Our principal office is located at 123 Main Street, Any Town, NY. In addition, we have an auxiliary office at 321 Elm Street, Anywhere, NY. Our gross revenues will approach $1,500,000 this year.


In general, our firm assists mid-sized and large businesses in implementing and using information technology. Our services include desktop application support, network installation and support custom application programming and general systems strategy.


Description of the Position Offered


At the present time, we are in need of a Software Developer to participate in several of the application development projects we are performing or being asked to perform. These projects include the use of generally accepted application development practices in the design, documentation and implementation areas of this service. In addition, our firm prides itself at understanding the business needs and implications of utilizing information technology, so knowledge or experience of business issues plays a vital role in our success.


In the performance of our consulting services, our employees make use of the following tools and systems, depending on the particular client or project: Visual Basic, Sybase, SQI, Server, Visual C++, Borland C++ Builder, Windows NT, Windows 95, and Unix. These signify the current major components, but we also support clients in other areas such as IBM AS/400, 3270 communications support, and IBM RS/6000.


Mr. Smith’s Qualifications


In Mr. Smith, we have found a person who is well qualified to fill the position of Software Developer. Mr. Smith was awarded a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computer Science and Technology by the University of London, England in 1994, and a Post-Graduate Diploma of Management from the London School of Economics, England in 1997. Mr. Smith’s academic background and his work experience are particularly well suited to our needs.


Accordingly, we respectfully request that you grant the H1-B1 petition which we are submitting on behalf of Mr. Smith.



Ronald Jones

Vice President

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