Part Time H-1B Visa

The part-time H-1B may be useful in the current economic climate; as it may allow an employer to avoid layoffs or avoid concerns of sufficient stream of revenue for full time employment.

Note that an amended H1B petition needs to be filed with USCIS to change a full-time employee to a part-time employee, and/or vice versa.

A few things to keep in mind on part-time H-1Bs:

1. There is no minimum number of hours required under the regulations to qualify for part-time H-1B status.

Part-time employment is anything less than 35 hours.

A beneficiary should be either making at least a living wage or the petition should be accompanied by proof that the beneficiary has sufficient means to support himself/herself (proof of income of spouse, or savings).

2. The number of hours worked may be listed as a range, such as “15-20 hours per week”.

3. Part-time status could ameliorate an employer’s status as H1B dependent, since each part-time worker is counted as less than a full-time worker in the calculation.

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