Medical Residents

H-1B Visa for Medical Residents

Programs start on July 1st and end on June 30th.

Documents required for the H-1B Visa petition for a PGY Medical Resident:

  • Fellowship or Medical Residency offer, and willingness by the sponsoring employer to sign the necessary paperwork for H1B visa application; and
  • Graduation from medical school;
  • ECFMG certification;
  • Passage of USMLE Steps I,II,III or FLEX Parts 1 and 2; and
  • State Medical License or other authorization to practice medicine in the State of intended employment (if such license/authorization is required by the State) .

Here are a few of the Hospitals that we work with:

Lincoln Medical and Health Center, Bronx, NY
Sacred Heart Hospital Healthcare System
Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

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