H-1B Visa Attorney Fee

We are preparing FY 24 H-1B Visa Cap petitions, Cap Exempt H1B Visa Petitions as well as Transfer, Renewal/Extension, Concurrent and Amended H1B Visa petitions.

If you would like our Immigration Law Firm to assist you in obtaining an H1B Visa, please scroll down and fill in your H-1B Retainer Agreement Request.

The following is a breakdown of the H-1B fees:

Attorney Fee H-1B Cap Visa:

     H-1B Cap -H-1B attorney’s registration fee is $300.

                               If the beneficiary is selected, the H-1B Attorney’s fee of $2,495 is due .

       H-1B Visa Cap Exempt– H-1B Transfer,  H-1B Amended, H-1B Concurrent:

       Attorney’s fees: $2,495
       USCIS Fee:  $460 to $2,460
Processing Time:  15 to 150 days


$460 for the USCIS I-129 Petition.

$1,500 for the h1b visa USCIS “Education and Training Fee” (if employer has 25 or more full time employees). $750 for employers with fewer than 25 full time employees (including U.S. affiliates and subsidiaries).

The following employers are exempt from the h1b visa USCIS Education and Training Fee:

1. Institutions of higher education and related or affiliated non-profit organizations;
2. Non-profit and governmental research organizations;
3. Any employer who is filing for a second or subsequent extension of stay for an H1B visa nonimmigrant;
4. Primary or secondary education institutions; and
5. Nonprofit entities which are engaged in “established curriculum-related clinical training of students”.

$500 for the h1b visa USCIS Anti Fraud Fee.

The $500 USCIS Anti Fraud Fee is required for all new H-1B visa petitions, and for all H-1B transfers to new employers.
The $500 USCIS Anti Fraud Fee is not required for H-1B renewals / extensions with the same employer.

Optional $2,500 for USCIS Premium Processing Service (when applicable). This fee to the USCIS speeds up the petition for a 15 day processing time at USCIS.

                $10 H-1B Registration fee

The following 5 scenarios are not subject to the annual quota.

Employer is an institution of higher education (College or University).

Employer is a nonprofit organization or entity related to or affiliated with an institution of higher education (Examples: Hospitals, Public School Systems.).

Employer is a nonprofit research organization or a governmental research organization.

You are a J-1 nonimmigrant Physician who received a waiver of the 2-year foreign residency requirement.

You have been previously granted status as an H-1B nonimmigrant in the past 6 years and not left the U.S. for more than a year after attaining such status (H-1B Renewals and Transfers).


Many employers have contacted us saying they would like to hire one or foreign nationals for a professional position, but have no idea where to begin.

Our service is geared toward both small to mid sized businesses where a President or Vice President does all of the hiring, to larger companies where the HR department simply has not had experience in filing H-1B petitions.

If you would like our help in determining if your position qualifies for an H-1B Visa, please complete this H-1B Visa Assessment Form.


We receive hundreds of calls and emails each month from students on F-1 and OPT (Optional Practical Training) and CPT (Curricular Practical Training) who seek our assistance in switching to the H-1B visa.

H1B Visa Holders:

Our service includes processing H-1B visa transfer and H-1B visa renewal/extension cases.

We understand the importance of processing these petitions in a very timely manner, as the H-1B Visa holder may start work for the new company as soon as the transfer petition is received by USCIS.

In any case, we can help. We make the process very easy for students, employers and H-1B holders.

Students appreciate us because our fees are among most competitive in the industry.
Employers appreciate our service because we do all the work!

H-1B holders appreciate our service because we process the transfer paperwork very quickly and efficiently.

If you would like one of our Immigration Law Firm to assist you in your H1B Visa Petition, the following is an overview of how the process will work:

1. You complete and submit the form below to request a retainer agreement.

2. We e-mail, fax or postal mail you the Retainer Agreement.

3. You email, fax or mail us the signed Retainer Agreement with the Attorney Fee required to begin the case.

4. When we receive the signed retainer agreement and attorney fee, we will open your case and set up your online account.

5. You will receive a username and password to log in to your online account. You will then be able to complete your questionnaires and upload the required supporting documents. You will be able check the status of your case 24/7 using your online account.

6. We obtain the prevailing wage and complete the LCA and USCIS forms.

7. We e-mail your employer the completed LCA and USCIS forms for signature.

8. You (or your employer) return the signed forms along with the required supporting documents to us.

9. We complete the petition package and file the petition with USCIS.

10. We follow up with USCIS until your H1B visa petition is approved.

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