Sample H-1B Visa Performance review process

Step 1: Orientation of a New H-1B Visa Hire/Transferred/Promoted Employee

The following information is reviewed with a newly hired/transferred/promoted employee no later than completion of the first month of employment. Documents are signed by the employee and kept by the supervisor.

Review the Job description to ensure that the understanding is accurate and up-to-date, reflecting major responsibilities, essential job functions, and core performance elements. The employee and supervisor sign the job description and the original.

Goals are communicated: Position-specific performance standards, goals, objects, and/or projects are developed and communicated to the employee.

Step 2: Intermediate Performance Review

The Project Manager is in daily communication regarding updates on project objectives and milestones.

The supervisor provides regular feedback to the new employee and completes a formal review of the employee after 1 month of employment and again at 3 months.

Step 3: Annual Review

The supervisor performs a review of the job description, job duties, major responsibilities, essential job functions, and core performance elements.

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