Federal Government Shutdown Effect on USCIS and DOL

Department of Labor

DOL’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification is suspending operations due to the shutdown. No PERMs, labor condition applications, prevailing wage requests or applications for temporary labor certification will be processed during this time. The PERM and iCERT websites will not accept online PERM, LCA or prevailing wage applications. The DOL will not process PERM audit responses or other submissions received by mail.

DOL has not yet announced whether it will offer a grace period for employers unable to file timely applications or audit responses during the shutdown. DOL has offered a grace period in the past, but is not likely to provide information on shutdown-related extensions until the shutdown ends.


USCIS will continue to process applications and petitions for immigration benefits, with some processing delays possible. In the past USCIS has temporarily accepted extensions without certified LCAs, however they have not yet announced whether it will do so during a federal shutdown.

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