Receipt of a less-recognized national or international award for excellence in the field of endeavor for EB-1A.

What DOES count as a national or international award for EB-1A?

Documentation should state the criteria for receiving the award, as well as how many people competed for it.  A letter from the award committee stating these facts will suffice.

The award must be national or international in scope.

In determining the nature of the prize or award, relevant considerations would include, but not be limited to, the number of awardees or prize recipients, as well as any regional limitations on competitors.

The prizes or awards submitted for an alien with extraordinary ability must be a prestigious national or international award. The applicant must be able to submit evidence of its significance, such as how many individuals competed, how many were nominated for an award, the competition criteria, and whether if it is nationally or internationally recognized.

Some award ceremonies have different categories of awards. This includes age based categories.

The award must be for Excellence in the Field of Endeavor.

What does NOT count as a national or international award for EB-1A?

Awards received at the student level will NOT be considered.

Travel grants and scholarship to further education are NOT considered to be awards in this sense.

Awards won while still a student have MUCH LESS evidentiary weight than awards won while working as a professional in the field.

Second and/or third place.

Being nominated for an award.

Local or Regional Award.

Nomination for award does not carry as much weight as winning the award.

A nomination or award can go to a group that the applicant is a part of (nomination or award does not have to go to the individual).

What documentation do I submit to USCIS as Evidence for winning a national or international award for EB-1A?

A copy of each prize or award certificate; or

A clear photograph of each prize or award; or

Public announcement regarding the awarding of the prizes or awards issued by the granting organization.

Documentary evidence demonstrating the following:

The criteria used to grant the prizes or awards; (A letter from the award committee stating the criteria for receiving the award, as well as how many applicants competed for it.)

The significance of the prizes or awards, to include the national or international recognition that the prizes or awards share; (Proof of the judging criteria. Evidence of media coverage to prove the degree of national or international prestige attached to the given award.)

The reputation of the organization or panel granting the prizes or awards;

Who is considered for the prizes or awards, including the geographic scope for which candidates may apply;

How many prizes or awards are awarded each year; and,

Previous winners of the award.

Reports by major media sources about the foreign national award recipient in their country of origin.

It is important to include not just proof of the award, but proof that the award is important in the field. This may include the judging criteria or evidence of media coverage. Some degree of national or international prestige must attach to the given award.



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