Published material about you in professional or other major trade publications or major media for your EB-1A petition.

The materials must relate to your work in the field for which EB-1A classification is sought.

What DOES count as a Published Material for EB-1A?

The Published Material must have been published in a professional or major trade publication or other major media.

The Published Material must be about the Beneficiary and the Beneficiary’s Work in the Field for which the Classification is Sought.

What does NOT count as Published Material for EB-1A?

Marketing materials created for the purpose of selling the beneficiary’s products or promoting the beneficiary’s services are NOT generally considered to be published material about the beneficiary.

Unevaluated listings in a subject matter index or footnote, or reference to the beneficiary’s work without evaluation are insufficient.

What documentation do I submit to USCIS as evidence of Published Material for my EB-1A petition?

Documentary evidence including:

The title, date, and author of the published material;

The circulation (online and/or in print); and,

The intended audience of the publication.

Published material that relates to the beneficiary and the beneficiary’s work in the field.

Documentary evidence that the submitted published material was primarily about the beneficiary and the beneficiary’s work in the field.

Note: The evidence submitted should be specific to the media format in which it was published. If the material was published online, the evidence should relate to the website. If it was published in print, the evidence should relate to the printed publication.

Note: The published material should be about the beneficiary’s work in the field, not just about the beneficiary’s employer or other organizations the beneficiary is associated with.

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