EB-1A Extraordinary Ability Immigration Attorney Service

If you would like us to assist you in your EB-1A Extraordinary Ability  Petition, our fees are as follows:
  • Our attorney fee is $4,995.
  • The USCIS fee for the I-140 petition is $700
  • Premium Processing (USCIS Form I-907) is available for an additional $2,500.

The following is an overview of how the process will work:

  1. You complete and submit the form below to request a retainer agreement.
  2. We e-mail, fax or postal mail you the Retainer Agreement.
  3. You email, fax or mail us the signed Retainer Agreement with the deposit required to begin the case.
  4. When we receive the signed Retainer Agreement and deposit, we will e-mail you an online questionnaire and a list of required supporting documents to gather.
  5. We will also email you instructions on how to have the letters of support written.
  6. You complete the online questionnaire so our we may complete the USCIS forms.
  7. We send you the completed USCIS forms to sign.
  8. You return the signed forms along with the required supporting documents to us.
  9. We complete the petition package and file the petition with USCIS.
  10. We follow up with the USCIS until your I-140 petition is approved.

Please complete and submit the form below to request a retainer agreement.

There is no obligation to requesting this agreement. We will email you the retainer agreement within 24 hours.

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