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E-3 Visa – Overview


What is the E-3 Visa:

Established by the REAL ID Act of 2005, the E-3 visa classification allows for the admission of a temporary worker who is national of Australia and is entering the U.S. to perform services in a “specialty occupation.”

Who qualifies for the E-3 Visa:

To qualify for E-3 visa classification, you must be an Australian citizen who is seeking employment in a specialty occupation requiring possession of a bachelor’s degree or higher (or its equivalent), and possess the appropriate degree (or its equivalent) in the field in which the alien wishes to work.

Nonimmigrant aliens who are already legally in the United States may apply to change their status to that of an E-3 specialty worker and, eventually, apply to extend their stay in E-3 visa classification.

Duration of the E-3 Visa:

E-3 visa status is initially granted for a period of no more than two years. Extensions of stay may be granted indefinitely in increments not to exceed two years.



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