DOL Guidance on Consecutive Day Advertisements for Supervised Recruitment

Advertising when the employer is advised to place the ads in a newspaper that no longer runs ads for three consecutive days:

The regulation governing supervised recruitment (20 CFR 656.21) requires the ad be placed for three consecutive days.

DOL has established a protocol for forwarding to the employer the newspaper in which the ads should be placed.

When DOL discovers that a newspaper no longer will place three day ads, DOL will cease to require publication in that newspaper.

If DOL makes this discovery in the course of supervised recruitment advertising, DOL will work with the employer or attorney/agent to find an alternative that comports to the regulation.

Employers who are instructed to place an ad in a newspaper that then learn the newspaper will not place a three-day advertisement should contact the DOL using their SR email helpdesk at to be considered for alternative advertising options.

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