Academic Evaluations using EDGE

If you have a foreign (non US) Bachelor or Master Degree you will need an academic evaluation to show that that it is the equivalent to a US degree.

When preparing your PERM petition you will want to be sure that your evaluation agency uses the AACRAO Electronic Database for Global Education (EDGE).

EDGEis a web-based resource for the evaluation of foreign educational credentials. Ultimately every educational system in the world will be included as an EDGE profile.

The reason for this is that USCIS uses EDGE to determine if your foreign Bachelor or Master Degree is the equivalent to a US Bachelor or Master Degree.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the I-140 stage and realize that there is an issue with your degree equivalency.

Our firm insists on using evaluation agencies that use EDGE. This protects our clients from problems during the I-140 stage.

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